How can you support us?

Social media !
> You can follow us on TAyoungsters accounts.
>You can make us known by sharing us in amateur radio groups on their pages.
>After making QSO, you can share us on your personal pages.

Station !
>If you are using Flex radio or have a station with remote control feature, you can support us greatly.
>We would be doing an activity in a new country.
>We can participate in a weekend competition using your station.
>DXCC stations such as D4C, V31MA have Remote control feature.

DXpedition !
>If you are going to DXpedition in a country, we would love to attend if you invite.
>We have young people who are experienced from each other and do dxpedition.
>We want every young person to physically dxpedition.

We do not accept monetary donations !
>We do not have any financial sponsors. Hosting and domain fees of this website, QSL card printing, shipping costs and other charges. Young people pay for it all.
>RHR remote ham radio works for the youth network. You can buy their products to support them. These revenues go directly to the youth program. RHR-merch-store

QSL card policy !
>We would be happy to receive your QSL cards.
>Please do not send the ARRL or TA QSL bureau.
>LoTW, Clublog,, e-qsl .. all will be approved.
>If you want a paper QSL, only $ 1 is enough (6.5 TL postage). Send cards directly to youngs TA address.
>If you have QSO with more than one youth, you can send all QSL cards to one person