QSL and Award

QSL policy;

* Do not send QSL cards to ARRL QSL Office, or Turkey bureau. NO!
* LoTW, Clublog, qrz.com, e-qsl .. All will be approved.
* If you want an individual qsl card, you can send the youth to their addresses. Their addresses are written on qrz.com. Use TAyoungsters QSL bureau for multiple people’s qsl cards.

TAyoungsters QSL bureau; 
*Only $1 is enough for 4-5 different QSL cards. No IRC.
*We cannot use OQRS. PayPal is prohibited in Turkey.
*QSL bureau adress;
Furkan Ozen
Pk: 1 , 28100

Award Program;

We are considering an award program. We have no software developers. We expect support for this.