TAyoungsters is a team of Turkish amateur radio operators under the age of 25. It is not affiliated with any association or organization. Our young amateur radio operators have been working since 2012. With the YOTA activity in December 2020, they became aware of the remote control stations. TAyoungsters team was established by gathering under the roof of Remote. We are a team that acts with the principle of “Youth are our future”. The future of our hobby will be youth. If they are missing, this hobby will die.

TAyoungsters Team aims to contribute to the shortwave experience and development of young TA amateurs by making the HF band accessible. Having the necessary equipment to use HF is every radio amateur’s dream. Unfortunately, HF stations being built with large budgets. Remote control stations are a great opportunity for young people who do not have the opportunity to set up HF stations.

This is exactly what we aim as TAyoungsters. We will be a bridge between young Turkish amateurs and Remote Ham Radio stations which can be remotely controlled. RHR stations, which do not need any installation, offer us free usage. In accordance with America’s rules, we need to obtain an FCC licence. For this, we need to take the tests and get a licence (tech, general, extra). Tests being done online. We support young people by sharing knowlegde and experience during the preparation progress. We want to represent our country in the best way, to gather new young people and increase our population day by day. We want ham radio in Turkey to move forward every day.

Besides the remote, we are working within the country. We make homebrew antennas, QRP transceivers, electronic circuits, satellite communications and we are active in VHF-UHF. We meet in different cities and participate to contests with different special callsigns. HF is very important for us, RHR supports us a lot. If you want to support us, you can get information by clicking the “support” button in the upper right corner of the site. You can see our DXpedition activities by clicking here. Our local activities will be published soon…

TAyoungsters team.