Welcome to the website 
of the TAyoungsters team !

Young people are our future. Let’s support our youth..

What is our goal?

Young people without HF stations in Turkey, is to provide support to experience and HF.

Who are we?

We are young Turkish amateur radio operators under the age of 25.

Why is it RHR?

With remote control, we can work in shortwave without any installation. RHR provides us free facilities.

Youth move

We made a big move as TA youth. A team consisting of only young people in Turkey. Our team is getting stronger every day.

Big goals

Dxpedition every year, DXCC certificate for every young person, representing our country as TA youth..

Knowledge multiplies as it is shared 

We share what we know. We exchange great information among young people..

“I believe this team will be very successful.”

TA1HZ – Tevfik A. Kazancioglu

“”young people are our future” 

“We are proud to support young people, the future of our hobby.”

RHR Founders (link)

We’re looking for teammates

It’s simple to join us. It is sufficient to be an amateur radio operator under the age of 25. Our number is increasing day by day. Without you, one person is missing.